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Caron Ory has been a home baker and cook for more than 20 years. Trained as a dietitian and nurse, her focus is on transforming traditional foods into healthier versions without comprising flavor or texture. She is the founder of Sapere Natural Foods and creator of Eco-BeeCo, nature's great tasting alternative to sugar.  She created Eco-BeeCo in her home kitchen, for her father who was diagnosed with diabetes, and grew it into national distribution.

In her own words........

Thank you for your interest in my cottage food website.  I'm thrilled to be a part of the cottage food industry and even more thrilled when I meet all of the creative and talented people who are a part of this growing and exciting industry. 

When a state passes a cottage food law it creates a new and very exciting business opportunity for its residents.  A cottage food law offers individuals, who dreamed of launching their own food business, the opportunity to launch their business using their home kitchens.  This is of great benefit because it requires significantly fewer resources and has significantly lower risks.  What was once out of reach for so many is now attainable.  I don't believe that you must have a business background to succeed in business because business skills can be learned.  I believe that what's more important to success is whether a person has the personality characteristics found in the entrepreneurial mindset.  Those are distinct characteristics that work together to drive a successful business. 

A cottage food operation is perfect for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for artisan food.  In my classes, much of the information and tools that I share I've developed while launching and growing my business.  I'm excited to share all that I know about the food business with you and honored and humbled by the warmth and appreciation that so many of you have shown me.  I hope that you find this site useful and come back often.

Caron Ory, RN, MSN

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